Tegoder CRYODREN MASSAGE OIL, ultrasound like effect - 100% eļļa (250 ml)

Tegoder CRYODREN MASSAGE OIL, ultrasound like effect - 100% eļļa (250 ml)
Tegoder, Tegoder CRYODREN MASSAGE OIL, ultrasound like effect - 100% eļļa (250 ml)

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Promotes venous reflux, detox, lymphatic system drainage with instant action against leg, ankle, arm and body edema. Lipolytic, effective against adiposity - obesity, overweight, fat deposits with anti-cellulite effect. Instant comfort, lightness and well-being.

Purpose Relaxing massage, restores and energizes the metabolism. Leg vein health. Muscle relaxation, deep ligaments, skin elasticity. Prevention of leg vein inflammation, venous stasis, ankle edema, heaviness in the legs, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis. Maintain a good body mass index for appropriate height contours. Skin regeneration, smooth blood flow, lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Composition In the philosophy of the complex, the formula of active substances is included in the 16th century. The method of the doctor-chemist Paracelsus - who has treated the patients' emotional problems with "flower therapy".

Excellent Quality -Plants Grown in Herbal Garden, Certified by Association Health & Beauty Organic Certificate.

High bioavailability of active substances in tissues - Energized complex of essential oils obtained by Hydro-distillation extraction method.

21st century Innovative biotechnology - technology to obtain high-purity raw materials against CO2 equivalent with 100% bioavailability to tissues, guarantees the energizing potential of the raw material, the quality of purity. Precise exposure to active substances in a specific area with predictable excellent results.

Grape, Eucalyptus, Japanese Mint, Ginger, Rosemary, Mediterranean Cypress, African Fragrant Pelargonium Oils, Omega 3 and 6, Routine, quercytins, escin, phytosterols, excellent antioxidant complex, protects against UV rays, moisturizes, especially emulsifies, m skin tone, elasticity with excellent anti-puffiness and relaxing effect. Cinnamon provides a trial effect on lipids, promotes lower total cholesterol, triglycerides. Normalizes blood sugar, significantly affects weight loss.

Benefit Comfort and well-being. Improves the body's energy metabolism, normalizes body weight, stabilizes muscle work, breathing and oxygen uptake into tissues. Smooth lymph outflow, blood circulation and venous outflow. Improves vascular and skin elasticity. Effective prevention against homeroids, against painful periods, hormonal fluctuations during menopause. Helps to recover from sports injuries.

Procedure time depending on the treatment area or selected method.

Application in SPA relax ritual massages, lymphatic drainage, apparatus cosmetology, rehabilitation therapeutic, sports physiotherapy massage procedures. Against blood clots in the legs, for the prevention of venous diseases or to strengthen the therapeutic effect after a course of treatment procedures on the recommendation of a doctor's phlebologist. For active slimming with volume, weight, appetite suppressant and excess fluid drainage, anti-edema and detoxifying effects. Before / After long journeys - flight for more than eight hours, to restore the tone of leg veins, smooth blood circulation and to prevent the risk of venous inflammation and blood clots.

Use All skin types. Determine body mass index before the procedure.

Does not contain allergic fragrances, dyes or parabens.

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